My new avatar!

2014-12-03 10:51:56 by BjornsVoice

Thanks a lot Merlin Martin -

for the lovely picture you made for (of) me. Honored! ^^


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2014-12-04 06:12:36

yeah thanks man


2014-12-20 04:19:28

Hey Bjorns !
Nice voice. We may need in the future voices for our animations& music projects.
Here is a demo for flash animations we do :
If you are interested lets stay in touch.

BjornsVoice responds:

Hi Moschi! Lovely to hear!
I am here. Where are you stationed?
New demos to come. I am a character soon in an american animation for ex.
Love this!
Nice to meet you.
Watched the link. Excitin animations!
I'll sing too if you want to!
Keep in touch.
Happy Holidays!